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Siemens NX CAD software and Mechanical Engineering at Convert Design ltd.

Mechanical Engineering Design Consultancy

Siemens NX CAD software and Mechanical Engineering at Convert Design ltd.

Siemens NX is a CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. At Convert Design, we use Siemens NX for product design during the development process of new or updated products. To have a high-quality design, you need a high a quality software with the advanced tools and features to enable precision designing. With its friendly user interface Siemens NX helps us to design products efficiently and bring products to market in a timely manner.  

Siemens NX is flexible allowing the design files to be digitally compatible with CNC machine tools maintaining quality of data.  NX is great for every phase of electromechanical design, from data exchange with PCB exchange to two-way transfer of PCB data and integration with electrical design tools. 

Managing complex assembly structures, such as automotive assemblies, is possible. There are simulation tools that test the vitality of the product which results in reducing time-to-market as well as checking designs for compliance to requirements, in turn helping designers make informed decisions, which keeps timelines and cost targets on track while not compromising on quality. 

At Convert Design, because the quality and detailed structure of the final product is extremely important, we chose to work with Siemens NX. We believe it gives our customers a better experience as well as enabling them to visualise the finished product through detailed drawings of their product.   

With this CAD programme, we are able to make detailed changes to meet every client’s need even for exceedingly complex projects.  

Siemens NX is a very sophisticated programme, but rest assured, we have the experience and specialist knowledge to fully utilise this tool and convert your concept to reality.